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Priti Parikh, Centennial College

Priti Parikh is the Program Coordinator of the Community and Child Studies Foundations Program and oversees the curriculum and delivery of all courses taught in the program. She engages in the comprehensive program quality review and conducts ongoing curriculum modifications. Priti has initiated and led the process of converting the Community and Child Service Foundations Program to become a Zed-Cred program, wherein students incur no additional cost for textbooks or other materials. She is driven by her own experiences as an immigrant and strives to remove barriers to learning for her students. Priti is also a freelance artist and education consultant who conducts workshops to promote visual arts and creative expression within the curriculum. She is driven by her experiences of over 30 years collectively as a frontline Registered Early Childhood Educator, Child Care Centre Director, College Faculty, and Artist. Her expertise is to incorporate her rich experiences, diversity, and adult learning pedagogy into the instructional resources she creates.

Unit 6 – Self Care and Wellness adapted and co-authored by Richard Utama and Priti Parikh. Centennial College

Richard Utama is a Part-time Professor and College Field Supervisor since 2018 in Social Service Work (SSW) and Addiction and Mental Health (AMHW) programs. He is also a mental health and addiction counsellor. He has an extensive background and knowledge working in HIV, ethno-specific AIDS Service Organization and 2SLGBTQ+ communities, substance use and harm reduction, and housing. He is passionate about anti-oppressive and anti-racism practice.



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