Unit Activities

Activity # 1 Assess your Personal Identity and Values

Adapted from https://www.coursehero.com/study-guides/collegesuccess-lumen/personal-identity/


  • Examine several surveys that help you self-assess personal identity, values, and interests.
  • Explore educational goals and/or career paths that match your personal identity, values, and interests, using a self-assessment survey.
  • Analyze survey results and draw personal conclusions in the context of your educational goals.


  • Spend a few moments thinking about questions or feelings you may have about your personal identity, your values, and your educational goals.
  • Review the self-assessment survey instruments listed below, and select one that represents your interests in examining your values.
  • Complete the survey you’ve selected, maintaining an objective, honest, and open stance. Listen to your inner voice and to what is uniquely important to you.
  • When you complete the survey, reflect on the parallels you see between educational goals and career goals.
  • Write a few paragraphs about what you discover. What surprises you the most? What excites you the most? Are your educational goals in sync with your personal identity and values?
Values Clarification Questionnaire

InSite / Electric Eggplant

This online survey, in two parts, looks at the specific values of ambition, appearance, family, friendship, independence, wealth, education, freedom, happiness, privacy, security, honesty. A scorecard and interpretation are generated.
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Activity # 2 Characteristics of a Successful Student

Adapted from https://www.coursehero.com/study-guides/collegesuccess-lumen/types-of-students/

What does it take to be a truly successful college student? Do you believe you already are or will be successful? What things do you need to embrace to ensure your success?

Below is a list of some important characteristics that impact student success. By answering the questions on a scale of “I usually do” to “I seldom do,” you’ll gain insight into the characteristics you’ve got going for you already and where you might need to build some new habits. Remember, these characteristics aren’t things you’re born with—you have to develop and practice them.

1 Plan my course load realistically based on my non-college responsibilities?
2 Know how to get in touch with my adviser?
3 Schedule my classes at times when I learn best?
4 Calculate the amount of study time needed per course and schedule it?
5 Ensure that any computer hardware and software I need for classes is updated and working smoothly?
6 Know all my passwords for email, courses, financial aid, etc.?
7 Review my class locations before the first day of class by printing and marking them on a map?
8 Know how to find the library, testing center, computing center, and writing center before classes begin?
9 Understand my learning styles and plan to work with them, not against them?
10 Read and understand the academic honesty policy of the college and any consequences for plagiarism?
11 Enlist friends and family to support my academic goals and plans, to help keep me on track?
12 Show up to class?
13 Participate in class?
14 Review my notes after class, organize them, and add details after I reflect on what I learned?
15 Stay caught up on class work, and not get behind?
16 Read the required material before the class?
17 Start assignments a couple days before they’re due?
18 Complete assignments?
19 Complete assignments fully, and answer all parts of the questions?
20 Turn assignments in on time?
21 Understand the main ideas, and not just memorize the details?
22 Get phone numbers from a few students in the class, so I can contact them with questions?
23 Ask other students for clarification?
24 Ask other students who have taken the course from my instructor about their teaching style and expectations?
25 See my instructor during office hours, when needed?
26 Ask my instructor about the materials taught and assignments when I have questions?
27 Start reviewing materials and studying for exams, well before the exam date?
28 Review my old exams, problem sets, and quizzes before the final?
29 Show my work on homework and exam problems?
30 Find a study group to work through difficult assignments and study for tests?
31 Keep all my exams, and review the materials and types of questions?
32 Get involved in a campus organization?
33 Find the balance between academics and life outside of class?
34 Make my education a priority?
35 Eat nutritious meals?
36 Get adequate sleep?
37 Exercise?
38 Make certain that I’m physically and mentally healthy?
39 Make certain leisure activities don’t interfere with studying and class?


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