Creative: The Foodish Gaze

Annika Walsh

One Day at the Microwave & Savoury Dreams
Annika Walsh is a transdisciplinary artist who was born in Chuzhou, China and adopted at 11 months of age by her family in Canada. She works with a variety of ingredients, materials, and collaborators to form her conceptual pieces. Her practice ranges from exploration of cultural identity to participatory food performances, and everything in between. Striving to blur the lines and push the boundaries, Annika makes a habit of traversing many disciplines, including sculptural installation, performance, and media.

One Day at the Microwave (Nov. 2021)

“One Day at The Microwave” is an interactive installation that situates you in an absurd space that you’ve probably never thought you’d want to be in. From the position of your food in a microwave, you have the ability to set the amount of time for which you would like to be heated up. Sitting and spinning in the small, lit-up box, you are invited to take a break from the day and enjoy the amusing space that the appliance provides.

Savoury Dreams (Oct. 2021)

Savoury Dreams is an installation that has visual and olfactory elements. A projector is suspended from an overhead lamp; a short looped animation of an array of ingredients glows in the simmering soup pot. The liquid of the softly boiling soup interacts with the projected materiality, adding another form of movement. Visitors to the space smell hints of lemongrass, shrimp, and ginger as the soup slowly simmers away.


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