This project was funded by a grant from the Open Textbook Initiative of eCampusOntario for adoption and adaptation of existing resources and supported by McMaster University’s Paul R. MacPherson Institute for Leadership, Innovation and Excellence in Teaching. Anastassiya Yudintseva was the Instructional Designer for the project, and Kendrick Potvin was the Digital Media Specialist. Zafar Syed also provided oversight.

Most of the material included in this ebook originated in Dr. Anderson’s Introduction to Linguistics courses, the blended design of which was supported by McMaster University’s Humanities Media and Computing, especially Katrina Espanol-Miller, with financial support from the Faculty of Humanities and the Department of Linguistics. This ebook also incorporates material adapted from How Language Works by Michael Gasser, under a GNU Free Documentation License.

Special thanks go to David Kanatawakhon-Maracle for his contributions to Chapter 11. Captions for the videos were the work of a capable team of students from Dr. Anderson’s Ling 2SY3 class: Maryam Ahmed,  Brianna Borean, Carina Chan, Elena Davis, Meliha Horzum, Emiliya Krichevskaya, Thea Robinson, Connor Savery, Saloni Tattar, and Kathryn Williams.


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