Module 01: Understanding Yourself In the World of Work

1.1 Introduction and Learning Outcomes

This module could be helpful if you:

  • Want to identify and explore your strengths, values, interests, personality traits and career goals
  • Aren’t sure which career paths fit with your characteristics and goals
  • Want to develop a clearer vision of your career future

Having a sense of what you’re good at, what interests you, and how you want to contribute are an important part of navigating the world of work.  We sometimes call this a process of developing self-awareness or the building of identity resources. Developing self-awareness and a strong sense of identity can help you make more informed career choices and decisions, set more relevant and targeted career goals, and can also allow you to pivot more quickly when a career interruption happens. Self-awareness is ongoing since you are always changing and the world around you is changing, too. Having ways to reflect and understand yourself in relation to the world and your community are key skills needed to navigate the ever-changing world of work.

Centennial College is committed to providing learning that leads to meaningful work and meaningful lives. In this module, you will explore what defines meaningful work for you and some of the steps you can take to help realize your career goals.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Determine your personal definition of career success
  2. Understand the value of reflection and self-awareness as an essential part of career planning and decision-making
  3. Generate a list of personal characteristics that contribute to your career choices and brainstorm potential occupations that fit with these factors
  4. Generate a list of personal factors that impact your career path and planning
  5. Draft a career vision through a mind-mapping process
  6. Establish action steps in line with your career vision for further experimentation


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