Module 02: Research and Exploration

Module 2 Chapter Summary

Congratulations on completing Module 2: Research and Exploration!

In this module you have learned:

  • Why career research is important
  • To locate useful career information through online research
  • To utilize active methods of career research and exploration such as informational interviews
  • To use the Decision-Making Matrix to help you make career decisions
  • To set SMART career goals and plan action steps
  • To utilize Centennial resources to stay engaged in continuous career research
  • To identify the personal characteristics that can help you take advantage of uncertainty and unexpected “chance” events in your career path

Through engaging with the content and exercises in this module, you’ve had an opportunity to begin the process of researching and exploring. Make sure that you continue this process throughout your studies at Centennial and beyond as the world of work is changing and you want to be able to keep up.


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