Module 02: Research and Exploration

2.3 Where Can I Find Online Career Information?

Jane Career stands on a path in the forest looking at her phone for directions while a sign in the foreground states, Locate Career Information.

There is a lot of career information out there and it can be hard to know what is reliable and what isn’t. Here are some useful websites where you can find reliable information:


If you are a Centennial student, you can access additional password protected resources via HireCentennial, such as:

  • Career Cruising
  • TypeFocus


Centennial Library
There are books that can be very useful for career research as well and the library has them!
Here are a few that you could look into:

  • Associations Canada.
  • Scott’s Directories.
  • Books on careers in specific fields (ex: Careers in Criminal Justice, Careers in Nursing).


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