Module 02: Research and Exploration

2.7 Looking Forward

So you’ve completed a ton of in-person research, accessed a lot of online resources and books, completed the decision-making matrix and even outlined some actions to take. Now what? Does this mean that you’re finished with career research and exploration?

Never stop your career research and exploration and keep setting new goals!

Jumpstart Your Career: Hear What Employers Have to Say

Here is some great advice from employers about what you can do now to build the skills, experience and characteristics valued in today’s workplace:

Practical Experience

If you are just starting your journey at Centennial, there are a lot of opportunities you can take advantage of that will support you in your career exploration. You can access a wide variety of opportunities that will allow you to develop your employability skills while complementing your classroom-based education with practical experience.

These experiences will also be helpful in widening your perspective and learning about various career options:

Table 2.4 Centennial Practical Experience Opportunities
Experience Opportunity Who to Contact
Co-op Jobs Career Services and Co-operative Education Department
Global Citizenship & Equity Learning Experiences (GCELE) Centre for Global Citizenship, Education & Inclusion
On-Campus Part-Time Jobs Career Services and Co-operative Education Department
Global Experience Opportunities International Education
Varsity and Intramural Sports Athletics and Recreation Department
Leadership Passport Leadership Passport
Peer Mentoring Peer Mentoring
Peer Tutoring Library
Student Clubs Centennial College Student Association Inc.
Work Study Jobs Financial Services/HireCentennial

Entrepreneurship, Side Hustles, and the Gig Economy

In past generations, many found a company to work for and then stayed in the same job or company for decades. But today, we rarely stay in the same job (let alone on the same career path) and we don’t rely on a single income stream. The tools and resources are out there for us to do our own thing, and more of us are harnessing an entrepreneurial spirit — even if it’s something we do alongside a traditional job.

Here are some resources for those interested in building entrepreneurship skills and experience:


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