Module 01: Understanding Yourself In the World of Work

Module 1 Chapter Summary

Thinking about your career future and all the factors that contribute to making career decisions can be a lot of work. Well done for completing Module 1!

In this module, you:

  • Crafted your own definition of career success by reflecting on examples of success and your own career beliefs
  • Generated a list of your personal characteristics through reflecting on your ‘enjoyable accomplishments’ and completing one or more online career assessments
  • Brainstormed career themes through a mind-mapping process
  • Established action steps in line with your career vision for further experimentation, reflection and self-awareness

Career Services & Co-operative Education at Centennial College

  • If you would like some personalized support with making choices and setting goals for your career, you can meet with a Career Counsellor in Career Services and Co-operative Education. To book an appointment, go to HireCentennial.
  • For additional career-related resources,  go to HireCentennial and check out the Resources section.


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