6.3 Environmental Modern, Biorealism & Tech – USA

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Richard Neutra

Please Read

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Explore: https://blogs.getty.edu/iris/fresh-air-and-outdoor-learning-at-corona-avenue-school/ 






Buckminster Fuller


Please Read

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a. Chapter 3 The Architecture of Travel; 3.6 – Railway Stations pp 48 – 54; 3.7 Grand Central Terminal pp. 54 – 59

b. Chapter 4 Airports; 4.4 Airports of the Jet Age pp. 75 – 79

c. Chapter 6 Architecture of the Senses – Experiencing the Airport; 6.5 Art in Airports pp. 149 – 158

Lina Malphona; Building Silicon Valley. Corporate Architecture, Information Technology and Mass Culture in the Digital Age https://hpa.unibo.it/article/view/9662






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