Lena Patterson

In the spring of 2017, the Government of Ontario asked eCampusOntario to lead a three-year pilot of the LinkedIn Learning platform. The pilot is designed to reach every student enrolled at an Ontario college or university and provide access to just-in-time, skills-focused video content for career preparation and success. eCampusOntario’s role in the pilot has three components. First, assist institutions to roll out the platform. Second, conduct province-wide research on the efficacy and uptake of the tool, in partnership with the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO). Third, plant the seeds of a community of practice in which educators, librarians, learners, instructional designers, and educational technologists from across the 45 colleges and universities in Ontario come together to build a body of knowledge that enhances collective experimentation and engagement with the LinkedIn Learning library. This casebook is a demonstration of the community of practice in action.

The cases in this collection employ a range of approaches and perspectives. Authors stepped forward to participate based on their own interest and a desire to think more deeply about the potential for LinkedIn Learning to augment or complement their work. Each case is unique and generated out of direct experience with the library and platform. Authors explore the intersections between LinkedIn Learning content and pedagogy, instructional design and learning management systems. They reflect on the potential of just-in-time resources for students of all ages, from first year to adult professional learning. They consider the impact of video-based learning and the connections with student engagement. Most importantly, they compel us to expand our inquiry about the acquisition of a new technology, to press on and seek a deeper understanding of the intersection between the tool and the learning. On behalf of the whole team at eCampusOntario, we hope you are inspired to use this casebook as a springboard for your own investigation.

And don’t forget to share what you uncover. The community depends on it.

Lena Patterson, Senior Director, Programs and Stakeholder Relations, eCampusOntario

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