Quick start overview and resource documents

The Quick Start Overview below can be used as a reference or to dive right in. In the main chapters of this eBook, we explain each of these steps in greater depth. We anticipate updates to this eBook as the situation evolves. There are also video tutorials for how to do move to remote teaching throughout this ebook.

A summary of the key updates will appear here as they arrive.

Other resource documents in this folder that we include as part of this overall eBook:

  • Syllabus template (see also Accessible Syllabus for inclusive design)
  • Course calendar
  • Online conversation skills/netiquette
  • Tip sheet for students for online learning
  • Worksheet: plan for online learning or work
  • Academic integrity honour pledge
  • Brightspace course template (import instructions here)

We provide adaptable course questionnaires to understand students’ experiences and solicit feedback, before, during, and after the course. Please copy these questionnaires before distributing to your own classes—by doing so, you’ll be the one collecting their data.

All these documents can be adapted to your context if you choose to do so, including this ebook itself. They were designed as Open Education Resources.

The French version of this ebook is available here! We also have TA guides available, co-authored with amazing teaching assistants (English, French).

Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions, suggestions, and concerns. In particular, we check this form weekly and will continue to update this eBook as the situation evolves.

PDF version of the Quick start overview.


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