12 Where to find help and advice

With this chapter, you’ll be able to identify various sources of support in the transition to remote teaching.

Teaching and Learning Support Service

The (TLSS) offers guides and support (e.g., phone, email) for creating each aspect of the course in Brightspace. They also offer a series of webinars on aspects of remote teaching using a synchronous model; currently, you register and can see the webinar while it is being broadcast, but not yet any other way.

Faculty of Science support

We have created a discussion space for uOttawa professors and staff involved in education (on Slack). André Dault can be contacted about technical questions for particular platforms. If he cannot answer them, he will be able to recommend the next best place to go.

Members of the Faculty of Science will be holding workshops and webinars on specific topics. For example, professors Elaine Beaulieu and Colin Montpetit are planning sessions for the Faculty of Science.

We are planning a guide for teaching assistants as well as training sessions for teaching assistants in early August (e.g., on facilitating online DGDs, creating content).

Next steps

Periodically, we hope to showcase effective and timely approaches to remote courses that you have taken. Please let us know if you would be willing to share your course for that purpose, as well as your thinking behind it. We could all use a little extra inspiration.

The chapter “Specific examples of video set-ups” contains explanations and examples of video set-ups.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions, suggestions, and concerns. In particular, we check this form each semester and will continue to update this guide as the situation evolves.


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