How to Play

Watch how your character interacts with customers at a local community pharmacy and co-workers.  When asked a question, select one of the available options to continue. Note that the game may play out differently depending on your choices. The game will take 30 to 40 minutes to complete.

To start the game, continue to press “Next” at the bottom-right of your screen until you arrive to a screen which states “Begin Course”; click on this box. While in the game, click on your choice tiles or press the “Proceed” button which is located in the top right corner of the scene. NOTE: closed captioning feature available. 

This game promotes the application of knowledge and skills related to safe dispensing of medications in a community pharmacy setting. In this game, you will assist Ms. Lee, who is concerned about a medication her 10 year old son has been prescribed.

As you play the game you will encounter 10 decision points where you are required to decide on the best course of action or verbal response to the situation. To successfully play this game you will be required apply your knowledge of safely processing prescriptions and dispensing medications. You also need a foundational knowledge of costumer service and conflict resolution techniques.

You may want to refer to learning resources such as textbooks or notes while choose your actions.  This is acceptable, as the simulation game is not designed to test your knowledge but to expand it. After playing the game, you will have the opportunity to complete a set of debriefing questions. Whether you are playing this game as part of a course requirement or for your own learning, the debriefing questions will  encourage you to think about your experience of playing the game, recognizing what you have learned and assist you in identifying gaps in your knowledge that you need to address. If you are playing this game as a required part of a course, your instructor may ask you to discuss your answers during a group debriefing with your classmates. Whether you debrief with your classmates or on your own, the questions will deepen your learning.


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