Bundle 3: Moving Forward – FOREVER

A minimalist linework design of a lacrosse player getting ready to throw overhead against a gradient red background.
“lacrosse” by Braedon Barker

Bundle 3 is divided into two Stepping Stones that will guide the learner from the “back-then” & “here-now”, towards moving forward together. Stepping Stone 7 will begin by having learners explore and then reflect on the past and present Indigenous physical cultural celebrations and sporting competitions. Stepping Stone 8 will then invite learners to discover various Indigenous achievements in physical activity. Learners are encouraged to celebrate these achievements. Bundle 3 aims to guide learners to view the future – a moving forward towards the forever – related to achievements and celebrations of physical activity and health in Indigenous communities. 


Bundle 3:

  • Stepping Stone 7: Indigenous Sporting Competitions and Physical Culture Celebrations
  • Stepping Stone 8: Indigenous Peoples’ Achievements in Movement


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