The Human Resource Management, Second Ontario Edition resulted from a joint project by eCampus Ontario and Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario. The Human Resource Management Online Educational Resource (OER) published by University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing was the first OER to be used by the Introduction to Human Resource Management course in the Business Programs at Loyalist College. While it proved to be an excellent resource, there was an opportunity to expand and include Canadian-specific content. In preparation for this work, our team learned about the work done by Concordia University to produce the Human Resources Management, Canadian Edition, which is the textbook we used while adapting the provincial content to reflect Ontario legislation.

We are very grateful for the previous work that has laid the foundation for the Human Resources Management, Second Ontario Edition. We were a small team comprised of current instructors who edited and reviewed the content and instructional designer who brought it to life in Pressbooks as a First Edition which we released as working draft to our Winter semester students. We were also very fortunate to have a member of our First Nations community review the First Edition textbook from an Indigenous perspective which we have added as a focus in the appropriate sections of the textbook. Finally, the First Edition was also reviewed from an accessibility perspective which influenced the layout of the Second Edition.

OERs provide an excellent opportunity to share and learn from each other as we make the best possible, inclusive learning experience for our students. With this in mind, we have also created some supplementary resources to support an instructor teaching introductory Human Resource Management to non-HR students. They include an instructor guide, supporting PowerPoints, and potential in-class activities. We hope that these resources are used and shared and that, as a community of practice, we continue to update, adapt and share the information with each other.


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