Application and Resume Review

The selection of employees is a complex process, involving many important steps. As a result of technological advances and research in psychology, this process has also evolved dramatically over the years. Interestingly, there are two elements of the selection process that have remained very stable over the years: the use of the resume (or CV) and the use of the interview.


In years past it was generally accepted practice to require a job candidate to complete a job application – with or without the added requirement of suppling a resume (resume is French for ‘summary’) or cv (curriculum vitae (CV) is Latin for ‘course of life’). In more recent history, the resume has displaced the need for a formal job application with many organizations.


Resumes are the key piece of information used to select candidates. This document is a summary of a candidate’s education, work experience, and skill set. A quick web search will yield hundreds of articles on how to write the perfect resume. Given the prevalence of the resume in the selection process, it is very important to have one on file, ready to go if an interesting opportunity arises.  The Career Centre : Loyalist College is a unit that provides career services to assist students and alumni in their employment search.



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