Learning Goals

Writing Learning Goals

A Learning Goal is an objective or result that you wish to accomplish during your co-op work term. It should emphasize and outline where you will be experiencing growth throughout your work term.

Learning goals help provide your employer with direction about what you hope to accomplish, and you a way to evaluate your own learning progress.

Your work term goals will be one of the measures used by your Co-op Consultant during your mid- term monitor, and you will be expected to reflect back upon these goals when you complete your final student reflection at the end of your co-op work term.

Work term learning goals must align with your Program Vocational Learning Outcomes (VLOs). VLOs are established for each program in conjunction with Ministry guidelines to dictate the overall learning goals for graduates of each program.

To find the VLOs for your specific program of study, please visit the link below:

Click the link below to learn how to properly write your learning goals. Work terms will not be approved if identified goals are too vague.

This form is embedded in the Work Term Agreement Please use the instructions listed on the previous Work Term Agreement page to upload the information into Jobsite.


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