Student Support Resources

Helpful Links

Resource Weblink Description 
Your Co-op Consultant See information in attached link for your program co-op consultant’s contact information
Office of the Registrar For letters of offer, co-op confirmation letters, matters related to grades or graduation
International Office Any matter related to work permits, PGWP, travel out of Country.
Morcare – International Students International students MUST have private health care coverage – purchase through Morcare . If sick, or non- work related injury contact Morcare for further direction
Institute of Indigenous Learning Culturally supportive services for First Nations Status, Non- Status, Metis and Inuit
Accessibility Services  Questions regarding accessibility and accommodations
Counselling Services Contact for assistance with mental health issues
Canadian Mental Health If you require immediate and/or additional counselling or are in crisis
Fanshawe Student Union Buy a bus pass and Domestic student medical insurance from the FSU
OSAP & Financial Aid Questions about your OSAP? Apply for ‘Continuation of Interest Free Status’ (OSAP students only!)
Fanshawe College – Main Website General College Information including emergency information
Orbis – Use the job site button on your co-op course, or co-op home room page to access. Your Co-op records, Work Term Agreement, transcript, evaluations etc. are housed here
Fanshawe Student Resources Home Page* Links to the multitude of Fanshawe College Student Services available.
Occupational Health & Safety Act Information about Workplace Safety
Sexual Violence Prevention Advisor Prevention and Reporting of occurrences of a sexual nature
Ombuds Dispute resolution
Military Connected College
Support for Military students who are currently studying at the College
Program Vocational Learning Outcomes
Use the link tree to find your program-specific Learning Outcomes (for your Work Term Agreement)
Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions must be completed prior to creating a Work Term Agreement

Work Term Agreement
Student Reflective Summary
Complete in Orbis. Your Consultant will send you an with the deadline

Employer Final Evaluation
Your Consultant will send an electronic link directly to your employer


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