Deadlines, Documents and Reminders

Work Term Documents And Deadlines

Steps to Completion Document What to do Deadlines
Submit completed Work Term Agreementand job description to your Co-op Consultant Work Term Agreement-With Goals In Orbis, complete your WORK TERM AGREEMENT FORM - follow the instructions provided on page 8 It will remain pending until approved by your Consultant. If you are an International student, provide a copy of your Co-op Work Permit to your Consultant. Fall Term: October 10
Summer Term: June 10
Winter Term: January 10
Participate in your Mid Term Monitor No Document Required Your Co-op Consultant will contact you and/or your employer to make arrangements Usually conducted about halfway through work term
Submit Student Reflective Summary Student Reflection (Online) Your Co-op Consultant will send you an email, prompting you to complete your Student Reflective Summary in Jobsite. Your Co-op Consultant will email the deadline to you through Jobsite (check your FOL email) - usually about 2 weeks prior to end of term
Final Employer Evaluation Final Evaluation Your Co-op Consultant will connect with your employer Your Co-op Consultant will email a link for your employer (supervisor) to complete the Evaluation through Jobsite

Hours Requirement

  • Diploma or Certificate: Minimum combination 12 weeks and 420 hours remunerated, program-related experience
  • Degree: Minimum 420 hours remunerated, program-related experience

The fact that you have reached the minimum hours does not mean you may leave your job – these are minimum hours designed to provide flexibility in extenuating circumstances. You are required to work for the entire period of your work term.

Things To Do Before You Begin Your Work Term

  • Ensure you have arranged for accommodation and transportation, as necessary
  • Contact your employer to determine your start date and time, location, and dress code
  • Ensure you have private health care coverage as required (International Students), or out-of-Province co-op (all students)
  • Have a valid Co-op Work Permit (International Students) and make sure it extends at least 90 days past the end of your term, if ending on a work term
  • Continue to monitor your FOL on a regular basis throughout the work term


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