Frequently Asked Questions about Co-op Work Terms

What should I take to the job with me?

  • Take all required documents as listed previously. If your job requires you to provide your own PPE, be sure to take it with you. If your employer requires certificates or other documents, make sure you have them with you. (SIN Card, Drivers License, Copy of Work Permit). Also, be sure to take a list of your emergency contacts for your employer to keep on file.

Can I take vacation? What if I have a family emergency?

  • You must discuss this with your employer. Time off is determined by your employer. If you have a personal emergency, contact your Co-op Consultant AND employer.

What if I’m sick?

  • If you are sick, you MUST let your employer know by following the company’s reporting procedures. Employers may ask for a doctor’s note for absences beyond 3 days to verify. If you are away for 3 or more consecutive days, you should also let your Co-op Consultant know, and provide details about the anticipated length of time you will be off.

What if I have a Health & Safety concern or I feel unsafe?

  • Your safety is critical while on the job. You have the right to refuse work that you believe is unsafe. The first step is to notify your immediate supervisor you believe the working condition to be unsafe. Please remove yourself from unsafe working conditions and contact your Co-op Consultant immediately. You can review the Occupational Health Act by clicking on the link in the Helpful Links Page. For more information, visit the Employment Standards Act website.

What do I do if injured on the job?

  • Your employer should be filing a report with The Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB). Let your Co-op Consultant know right away so that we can support you. If your employer has not included you in their WSIB coverage, the college will cover you. Your Co-op Consultant will provide further information as necessary.

Can I end the work term once I meet the minimum hours?

  • NO! The specific number of hours provided in the guidelines, are the minimum hours required for a work term. Students are expected to honour the start and end dates agreed to in their signed Work Term Agreement form.

What if I want to quit?

  • Call your Co-op Consultant. Quitting a co-op without permission may result in a fail.

What if I am fired?

  • Call your Co-op Consultant immediately if you think you may be fired, or if you have already been fired. Being fired from your work term may result in a fail. If you want to extend modify, change or shorten your contract for any reason, you must first discuss it with your Co-op Consultant. We may need a new Work Term Agreement to track changes.
The bottom line: When in doubt, contact your co-op consultant



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