4.2. Retention of Records 

Record Keeping

The Registrar’s Office processes Academic Offences Forms and updates students’ records and penalty histories. Academic Offence information is kept in students’ records for up to five years. When this period of time has lapsed, a student can apply to the Registrar to have any Academic Offence information removed from their student record. It is important to understand that student records and transcripts are two different things.

Student records contain information about application, admission, enrollment, tuition payments, emergency contact information, and Academic Offence information. Transcripts are lists of courses taken and grades achieved. Transcripts do not include any Academic Offence information.

The application of Penalties of Fail Course, Suspension, and Expulsion will result in (F), (S), or (E) being documented on a transcript but the reasons for the (F), (S), or (E), that they were Penalties for Academic Offences, will not be documented on a transcript.


If you have any questions about Academic Offences, Warnings, or Penalties, please feel free to email the Academic Integrity Office at academicintegrity@fanshawec.ca

Policy A136: Academic Integrity:


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