1.3. Policy A136: Academic Integrity

Fanshawe’s Academic Integrity Policy

Fanshawe College’s Academic Integrity Policy is Policy A136 and it’s located within the College’s policy manual which is available online and can be accessed by anyone at any time. This policy does three key things:

  1. It identifies the actions and behaviours that Fanshawe College considers to be Academic Offences,
  2. It describes and in some cases prescribes the Warnings and Penalties that are to be applied when Academic Offences are confirmed to have occurred, and
  3. It details all of the steps in the administrative process that are to occur when an Academic Offence is either suspected or confirmed to have occurred.

It’s important that students know where the Academic Offences, Warnings, Penalties, and the administrative process are detailed in case they are ever suspected of an Academic Offence or if an Academic Offence is ever confirmed to have occurred.

Fanshawe College’s Academic Integrity policy is applied and interpreted so as to provide students with learning opportunities whenever possible and to administer disciplinary measures when required.


If you ever have any questions about Academic Offences, Warnings, Penalties, or the administrative process, please feel free to email the Academic Integrity Office at academicintegrity@fanshawec.ca


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