Part 6: H5P in Education

H5P [NewTab] (HTML5 Package) is an interactive tool that allows for the creation and sharing of interactive material. Such material includes videos and presentations, various forms of quizzes, charts and simple games. When H5P is accessed, it offers a wide range of ‘content types’. When used, these ‘content types’ can be shared with other users as well as with students.
Because H5P is flexible (contains diverse ‘content types’) and is compatible with several Learning Management Systems, it is an ideal piece of software. It accommodates a variety of learning preferences as well as different modes of course presentations.
For more ideas check H5P Studio eCampus Ontario [NewTab]: one stop shop to create, share, and discover interactive learning objects. eCampusOntario H5P Studio is provided as part of our set of Open Publishing tools.

Types of H5P content discussed in this part:
– Fill in the Blanks
– Branching Scenario
– Combination of several content types


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