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Elena Chudaeva

Elena Chudaeva is a professor in the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, George Brown College. With background in STEM and instructional design, Elena explores ways to incorporate various educational technology tools and active learning opportunities into online courses. Additionally, Elena supports other faculty in designing learning environments and incorporating Universal Design for Learning principles to meet diverse needs of our learners.  

Michael Long

Michael Long teaches Geography and Sustainability as a Contract Faculty Professor at George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology (GBC). At GBC, Michael is also the Faculty Advisor to the student Sustainability Squad. In the community, Michael works on the programming team at Canada’s largest international environmental film festival, Planet in Focus. Michael has published book chapters, articles, open educational resources, and interviews about the environment, documentary film and education. He is the 2021 Awards of Excellence recipient for ‘Outstanding Post-Secondary Educator’ from the Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication (EECOM). Michael studied at York University and Osgoode Hall Law School where he completed the Master of Environmental Studies and Master of Laws, respectively.

Alexander McGlashan

Alexander McGlashan is a professor and program coordinator of Photonics Engineering Technology within the School of Technology at Niagara College. He holds an Electronics Engineering Technologist Advanced Diploma, and a Bachelor of Adult Education. He is a former recipient of Niagara College’s Faculty Award of Excellence, Niagara Champion Award and three Guinea Pigs. 

Marta Wolniewicz

Marta Wolniewicz is a professor in the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) at George Brown College (GBC). Marta teaches a variety of natural science courses and is currently co-developing a fully asynchronous course on Science of Sustainability.  Marta earned a Master of Science degree (Geography and Environmental Science) at the University of Western Ontario with a focus on freshwater and forest management.  She earned a Ph.D. at Trent University in Environment and Life Sciences and subsequently held a post-doctoral fellowship there which led to multiple projects in support of pollution control policy initiatives.  Marta’s commitment to life-long learning and to enhancing students’ educational experiences are evident in her pedagogical strategies and her engagement with the teaching and learning process. During her career at GBC, Marta served as Universal Design for Learning champion and the Science faculty representative on an Academic Excellence and Centre for Preparatory and Liberal Studies partnership project, “Building Capacity to Measure Essential Employability Skills.”

Howard Gerhard

Howard Gerhard has been at George Brown College since 1969 initially teaching ESL and then Academic Upgrading. On behalf of the College, he has taught at locations as far-flung as Seattle, Washington and London, England. Currently he teaches General Education courses in the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences focused specifically on the History of Technology. Throughout his career he has been interested in the role that technology plays in education and has done research in educational technology by developing such teaching aids as video games and virtual reality. 



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