I am proud to introduce the first e-book created by the Primary/Junior Bachelor of Education students at the University of Windsor. These chapters were created by students training to become teachers in elementary classrooms as an assignment for their EDUC 5202 Classroom Practice course. They have tackled some of the big issues confronting education today, such as mental health, teaching for social justice, social-emotional learning, trauma-informed pedagogy, equitable and diverse classrooms, anti-bullying strategies, and teacher-student relationships. The chapters contain a variety of media, including videos, podcasts, and digital essays, and provide thoughtful and nuanced overviews of these topics, including practical strategies that teachers can apply in their classrooms and links to resources for further information. They emphasize common themes such as mutual respect, teacher reflexivity, and community within creative presentations that convey their enthusiasm for effective and inclusive teaching.


As an instructor, I am often privileged to learn from the in-depth knowledge that my students have tapped into through the course and combined with their independent research and life experiences. I am excited that, through this project, the knowledge contained in their assignments becomes accessible to each other and to the broader public. I invite you to dive into these chapters and learn from these works that began as conversations in our class but have been taken much further through the students’ extensive research, personal insights, and hard work that went into these digital media productions. Welcome to our class.  


– Catherine Vanner, Assistant Professor, Educational Foundations, University of Windsor


Questions about this project can be directed to cvanner@uwindsor.ca.


On behalf of the class, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Dave Cormier and his incredible team of students at the University of Windsor Office of Open Learning, in particular Madelyn Poulin and Mikayla Paesano, for their support in putting this together. We could not have done this without you! 


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