The Effects of Student-Teacher Relationships Within the Classroom

Jordan Delmonte, Lauren Braido, Gaetano Ciccarone, Bianca Gualdieri, Brittany Hedderson

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A discussion between teacher candidates Jordan Delmonte, Lauren Braido, Gaetano Ciccarone, Bianca Gualdieri, Brittany Hedderson about student-teacher relationships and their effects on students, teachers, and classroom dynamics.

This is our first educational podcast! During this podcast we will discuss various aspects of teacher – student relationships within the classroom. It is a key aspect of the classroom and can drive the way we teach. Today my fellow teacher candidates will dive deeper into this topic! We will use resources from research and our own lived experiences to formulate meaningful responses and advice for teachers to implement this into their classrooms.

Questions Brought up During This Podcast

  1. From your own experience or research, what do you think is the foundation piece to a positive teacher-student relationship? This can be things such as care, respect, integrating student interest, being humanistic, etc?
  2. What are some of the negative things you have witnessed or experienced or researched about student-teacher relationships?
  3. How do you start developing this relationship with your students today? What can we do to ensure that this relationship is formed at the beginning of the year so that the benefits of these relationships can be utilized all year long?
  4. How does a student-teacher relationship affect the teacher? Is this an additional “task” or “stress” for a teacher to work on with students? There is so much material to be covered in the curriculum that it is hard for teachers to develop these relationships while still effectively teaching these lessons, therefore adding in stress.

Pondering Question

Could building these relationships help reduce stress in the long run and help with classroom management or are there students that will just never get through and teachers won’t ever connect with that might make classroom management an issue?


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