Teachers Promoting the Protection of Mental Health in the Classroom

Sarah Abdulreda, Kourtney Azzopardi, Jessica Hatem, Pamela Vanden Hengel, and Mayer Yousif


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Abdulreda, S., Azzopardi, K., Hatem, J., Vanden Hengel, P., & Yousif, M. (2022, April 1). Teachers promoting the protection of Mental Health in the classroom. Classroom Practice in 2022. Retrieved [date], from https://ecampusontario.pressbooks.pub/educ5202/chapter/teachers-promoting-the-protection-of-mental-health-in-the-classroom/

Our Podcast Description

The Mighty Minds podcast will take you through real world issues and experiences of  educators, students, and parents with respect to mental health within the classroom. This episode  focuses on how the mental health of students and educators has been affected throughout the COVID 19 pandemic. The episode also covers practical ways educators can create positive classroom  environments to improve mental well-being and some great resources for educators, parents, and  students to help build their mighty minds.

A discussion with Sarah Abdulreda, Kourtney Azzopardi, Jessica Hatem, Pamela Vanden  Hengel, and Mayer Yousif.

Audio Transcript

Resource Links

School Mental Health Ontario (smho-smso.ca)

Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Services | Connex Ontario

BounceBack Ontario – Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario

Encouraging Positive Mental Health in Schools with Andrew Baxter | voicEd


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