4 The Application Process

How to Apply

The Accreditation Application involves six areas of focus on the Standards listed above.

In addition, a learning outcome map is included to provide a general overview of tutor development processes as well as anticipated knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes.

When seeking accreditation for a tutor program, developers must directly engage with and address each of the questions/prompts listed in the guidelines and Accreditation Application. Program developers are expected to provide examples or evidence of how the tutor program meets the standards, or to explain why those requirements may not be appropriate or pertinent to that tutoring operation.

Program submissions are reviewed using the Reviewer’s Comment Sheet for the following:

  • Appropriate, up to date, evidence informed rationale for the tutoring program and services
  • Clearly defined learning outcomes aligned with assessment methods and activities
  • The application of evidence-based practice
  • Active engagement by participants
  • The appropriateness of the program’s format and structure
  • The methods used to assess the program
  • A system to enable continuous improvement of the program
  • The management and accountability structures of the provider
  • The commitment of the provider to continuous improvement and quality assurance.
  • Institutional support and resource, including release time and any constraints

Once ready to apply, download the Accreditation Application and complete the sections outlined. A copy of the Accreditation Application’s text is below. The completed document can be submitted for review by attaching it to the online Application Form. For questions, please contact the committee chair.

The Review Process

The Review Process relies on the Learning Specialist community, particularly those with experience in the design and delivery of tutor programs. This process is free. However, in order to submit a program for accreditation, the institution must commit to performing two reviews for every program they wish to be accredited. This work may be shared by the members of the submitting group as they see fit.

The steps of the process are outlined below:

  1. Institute or Centre A, decides to seek accreditation for a program. They may access past reviews through application to the Canadian Tutor Standards (CTS) Accreditation Committee in order to understand the process.
  2. The applicant completes the Accreditation Application and submits it through the online Application Form. This application is sent to the CTS Accreditation committee.
  3. The Chair of the CTS Accreditation Committee reviews the application and checks for suitability for review. If the application is suitable, the Chair allocates the form to two reviewers, who complete an initial review independent of each other. Reviewer 1 (R1) and Reviewer 2 (R2) have different roles (Reviewer 2 is likely to be the less experienced of the reviewers). Successful applicants become reviewers, and are expected to act as R1 for at least one program and R2 for at least one other.
  4. R1 contacts R2; they meet or phone to discuss the application. The reviewers decide if they need additional information from the applicant and request as necessary. If possible, they agree on an outcome:
    • Accept without changes
    • Suggest minor revisions
    • Suggest major changes
    • Reject
    • If there is no agreement, R1 and R2 submit their response back to the Chair who allocates a 3rd Reviewer drawn from the Accreditation Committee. The 3rd reviewer breaks the deadlock.
  5. R1 informs the applicant of the outcome of the reviewers’ discussion and arranges a meeting with the reviewers and the applicant if appropriate. It is within the discretion of the applicant whether they wish to meet.
  6. After the meeting, R1 informs the CTS Accreditation Committee of the outcome of the process.
  7. The Chair of the CTS Accreditation Committee updates the spreadsheet Record of Accreditation to reflect the outcome.
  8. Appeals, concerns, and issues are referred to the CTS Accreditation Committee for resolution.


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