With great appreciation and gratitude to the inaugural Canadian Tutor Standards Accreditation Committee, 2022-23.

Working Party

Alice Macpherson

Jovita Vytasek

Emily Tan

Harpreet Sandhu

Christina Page






CTS Accreditation Committee

Amanda Saoud

St Mary’s University, AB

Antoanela Denchuk

University of Manitoba

Cleopatra Myers

Toronto Metropolitan University

Richard Nahhas

University of Western Ontario

Elke Pritchard

Okanagan College

Fernanda Batista

Seneca College

Gayle Ramsden

University of Fraser Valley

Heather Gaffney

Wilfrid Laurier University

Heather Mitchell

University of Guelph

Jamie Peters

Fanshaw College

Janet Klippenstein

Concordia University of Edmonton

Janna vanKessel

Yukon University

Jennifer Amy

University of Saskatchewan

Jonathan Vandor

University of Toronto

Judy Frank

Norquest College

Kelly Helmer

Durham College

Kelly Krauss

Conestoga College

Kimberley Brocanier

St Mary’s University, NS

Marnie Seal

Cambrian College

Neil Kennedy


Robert Desjardin

University of Alberta

Ruth Silverman

Simon Fraser University

And special thanks to Megan Dean, University of Toronto, for her work in bringing this edition of the Canadian Tutor Standards to Pressbooks.

Lyn Benn, Chair, Canadian Tutor Standards Accreditation Committee


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