1 Executive Summary

The Canadian Tutor Standards (CTS) are intended to provide guidelines for designing, developing, implementing, maintaining, and improving tutoring programs in post-secondary environments across Canada. They may be applied to different forms of tutoring, such as advice on study skills, content area support, and course or writing tutoring; and they may inform programs involving both individual and group tutoring situations. The Standards have been developed through the work of the Canadian Tutor Standards Accreditation Committee (a subcommittee of LSAC) and enact the mission of LSAC to help learning specialists deliver the best possible learning services and support for students in Canada.

The Standards have been created to fulfill two related functions: as guides for program development and as a basis for accreditation.

The Standards are not prescriptive. They have been developed to be flexible enough to be useful in providing a framework for high quality support services, and at the same time, robust enough to be practical and useful.

The development process for these standards has been in alignment with that required by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) (see ISO 29993:2017). The inaugural CTS Accreditation Committee members must be acknowledged for their dedication and support in providing input into the Standards development and extending the consultation and feedback processes to the broader learning support communities across Canada. Thank you to all who contributed to or submitted input into this process.

Lyn Benn (Chair)

On behalf of the CTS Accreditation Committee.


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