Module 4 Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • Defining and understanding the components associated with M&E
    • Monitoring and evaluation are two distinct aspects that work together to provide information about a system
    • KPIs are integral to effective M&E
  • Approaches to M&E
    • There is a spectrum of approaches for conducting M&E
    • Conventional M&E is at one end of the spectrum, and PM&E is at the opposite end
  • Citizen science to support M&E approaches
    • Citizen science gets members of the public involved in scientific research
    • It can be considered more conventional or more participatory depending on the way it is utilized
    • Smartphone technology is a helpful tool to engage stakeholders in citizen science and M&E
  • Benefits and challenges of M&E, and key tensions
    • There are numerous benefits and challenges that can be experienced across M&E approaches
    • There are three key tensions surrounding effective M&E
    • It is essential to address and navigate these tensions as M&E is a critical component for building sustainable communities



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