Citizen Science Across M&E Approaches

Within the spectrum of approaches, which has conventional M&E on one end and PM&E on the other, the boundary between the two can seem fuzzy. What else exists along this continuum?

As M&E has gained more attention recently, there are now emerging methods and tools that exist to help support M&E. These methods and tools fluidly exist along this spectrum.

One example of an innovative method that supports M&E is citizen science. This method can fall on either side of the spectrum, depending on how involved or engaged the stakeholders and rights holders are in the process. If they are only part of one phase of the M&E process, it is likely that it leans more conventional. If they are involved in multiple phases, it may lean more participatory. We will touch on this more later.

In this lesson, we will learn what citizen science is, its history, explore its different uses, and see it in action.




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