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Blended learning is an approach where educators leverage technology and digital access for learners to create, communicate, collaborate and apply critical thinking skills to construct knowledge in a connected world.

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Under More you will find resources to learn more about blended learning:

and graphics to use in your training for staff and volunteers

  • Graphics: My Life as a Blended Learner – how we Create, Communicate, Collaborate and Think Critically as blended learners
  • Graphics: Definition – the definition from the position paper
  • Graphics: Benefits – the four benefits of blended learning: Blended learning is supports self-confidence and self-reliance; encourages social connection and collaboration; provides flexibilities; and is helps manage systemic inequalities.
  • Graphics: Principles – the three principles of blended learning: Blended learning is learner centred; relevant and useful; and is enhanced by a strong teaching presence.
  • Graphics: Blended Learning Infographic and the 4Cs – an infographic about the 4Cs: an infographic about the 4Cs: Be Creative, Communicate, Collaborate, and Critically Analyze


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