Who is AlphaPlus?

We work with literacy practitioners to create and support change.

Person with glitter ball head reading a magazine called Ideas

We are curious. We are creative explorers who approach all that we do with a learning mindset. We cultivate space for reflective practice and critical thinking.

We are helpful. We share knowledge and help literacy educators use technology in innovative ways.. As we learn from the people we work with, we amplify their knowledge and skills.

We are nimble. We collaborate to respond to evolving situations and new contexts with.imagination and resourcefulness..

We are people first. We start by listening to dreams and assessing strengths. Our work is about building on strengths and nurturing dreams.

We are inclusive. We believe that by using digital technology in our sector, we can build capacity, create equity and access to learning, and enhance learning experiences.

We are impressed. We work with the very best people in the very best field. Our staff meetings are liberally peppered with stories of the amazing work, creativity and ingenuity we encounter as we work with adult educators across Ontario.

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(416) 322-1012 or 1 (800) 788-1120


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