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Blended learning is an approach where educators leverage technology and digital access for learners to create, communicate, collaborate and apply critical thinking skills to construct knowledge in a connected world.

Since our beginning in 1998, AlphaPlus has been committed to increasing the use of digital technology and online learning in adult education. Our mission is to help adult education providers understand and adopt digital technology solutions that increase learner success, enhance the education experience, and strengthen organizational capacity and performance. AlphaPlus supports literacy workers to use blended learning approaches through our technology coaching services, face-to-face and online training, and tech support. This position paper describes our understanding of blended learning, its benefits and how adult basic education programs can be (re)conceptualized using a blended learning approach to best support learners.

The paper was developed by Audrey Gardner, Tracey Mollins, Maria Moriarty and Matthias Sturm © 2019 AlphaPlus.

AlphaPlus encourages the distribution of this information.

Please credit appropriately if portions are cited. The preferred citation is: AlphaPlus (2019). Position Paper on Blended Learning in Adult Education. From alphaplus.ca

AlphaPlus and the authors of this position paper can be reached via email at info@alphaplus.ca.

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