Supplementary Reflection Questions (Instructor Video)

Reading time: approximately 2 minutes.

The following reflection questions were created to be used in conjunction with the videos in Choose Your Own Adventure (Instuctor Stories) to support students as they think about challenges and resources to accessing their right to accommodation in placement

Opening Scene: Cindy meets with colleagues to discuss accommodating students

  • What might make it difficult for an instructor to understand accommodations?
  • Would you feel prepared to explain your needs to an instructor who didn’t have experience with accommodations?
  • Why do you think accommodations are important?

Decision point 1, option 1: first day of placement

  • What is the student doing well in this video?
  • How could the instructor respond better?
  • Why might it be difficult for the instructor to know what to do in this situation?

Decision point 2, option 1: instructor meets with the placement supervisor

  • What did you like about this discussion?
  • What did you dislike about this discussion?
  • What other information could be helpful to the instructor?

Decision point 2, option 2: Cindy meets with the student again

  • What did the student do well here?
  • What did you like about the instructor’s response?
  • What did you dislike about the instructor’s response?

Decision point 2, option 3: Cindy meets with a colleague to discuss the student’s situation

  • Why might it be difficult for a placement to understand a student’s accommodation needs?
  • What might be the benefit of working with an accessibility counsellor?
  • In these videos the student Jemma is skilled at communicating their needs, and this helped the instructor. What information do you think an instructor might need to be able to support you and advocate for you?

Decision point 1, option 2: on the first day of placement, Cindy does not mention accommodations

  • Why might the student be uncomfortable discussing their support needs?
  • What did the student do well in this scenario?
  • What might you do differently?

Decision point 3, option 1: meeting at the placement

  • Why might the student be feeling frustrated here?
  • How do you think the instructor handled this conversation?
  • Based on this scenario, how might you ask for supports?

Decision point 3, option 2: meeting at placement, not accommodating

  • Based on this video, what challenges might you face when discussing your support needs with a supervisor ?
  • What might the instructor do differently here?


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