Choosing the Resource That Is Right for You

Reading time: approximately 2.5 minutes.

The ACTon resources centre on two interactive, ‘choose your own adventure’ videos. One video focuses on the experiences of a disabled student and the other video focuses on the instructor supporting disabled students in placement. In this eBook you will find two resources geared towards students, one resource geared towards instructors, and a fourth resource that is intended to support anyone (e.g., instructor, student, staff, counsellor) interested in facilitating a workshop or module using the ACTon interactive videos. Choose the resource that is right for you and your needs. A breakdown of these resources follows.

Resources for Students

Student TidBit

The Student TidBit is estimated to take 30 minutes to review. It presents a selection of four scenarios from the student and instructor interactive videos. Each scenario ends with discussion questions for you to consider. Supplementary material is offered to support reflection on planning and communicating about accommodation needs in placement. The goal of the TidBit course is to disrupt disability stigma and introduce students new to placement to the challenges and facilitators of accessing disability accommodation in placements.

To check out the Student TidBit click here.

Student PowerHour

The Student PowerHour is estimated to take one hour to engage with. It includes one 35-minute interactive video that explores the experiences of a disabled student in placement. Integrated discussion questions are meant to highlight key themes and support user’s critical engagement with these themes and ideas. Supplementary material in the PowerHour, such as Communicating About Accommodations: Student Tip Sheet and Reflection Worksheet, are intended to support students as they apply the themes and ideas presented in the video to their own placement context. The goal of the Student PowerHour is to support students as they identify disability stigma, learn about the challenges and facilitators of accessing disability accommodations in placement, and reflect on how best to address their accommodation needs in their placement program.

To check out the Student PowerHour click here.

Resource for Instructors

Instructor PowerHour

The Instructor PowerHour offers a 60-minute introduction to the challenges and facilitators of supporting disabled students to access their right to accommodation in placements. The resource includes the instructor interactive video (25 minutes). Reflection questions are embedded into the videos to support the user’s critical thinking about how the themes and ideas presented in the scenarios might apply to their own placement program. Supplementary materials include tips on communicating about accommodations with students, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. The goal of the Instructor PowerHour is to apprise instructors, supervisors, preceptors, and staff of the possibility of disability stigma and ableism in placement programs and to identify barriers and facilitators to disabled students’ disability accommodation needs in placement. While the Instructor PowerHour was created primarily for instructors, some components, such as Choose Your Own Adventure (Instructor Stories), are also recommended for students.

To check out the Instructor PowerHour click here.

Resource for All

Facilitation Guide

The ACTon Facilitation Guide is intended for anyone interested in facilitating a session using the Student PowerHour resources and video. The guide includes background information on disability accommodation in higher education. Choose from a number of activities suggested to engage groups in dialogue and reflection on the interactive videos and other resource materials. The guide also suggests optional assessment activities for facilitators interested in integrating the Student PowerHour into their curriculum. 

To check out the ACTon Facilitation Guide click here.


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