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Decorative digital black and white cartoon with an upraised fist in between two people. Interpreted to represent student advocacy (upraised fist similar to other advocacy / resistance movements). Created by WEBTECHOPS LLP from the Noun Project.Dis/orientation: Navigating Accessibility in Teaching and Learning

Disabled students have made vital contributions to education at McMaster University, resulting in greater accessibility and disability inclusion in the classroom, curricula, and on campus. This project involved the curation of a (maga)“zine” entitled Dis/orientation: Navigating Accessibility in Teaching and Learning that centres the lived experiences of 20+ disabled students and alumni from McMaster University through contributions of poetry, art, stories, and reflections. We are very passionate about improving accessibility in education and feel that one of the best ways to achieve tangible change is to provide a safe space for sharing the thoughts and opinions of disabled, neurodivergent, and Mad students whose learning is the most affected by accessibility barriers.

To contribute a piece to the zine, contact McMaster Disability Zine Team.

Contributors: McMaster Disability Zine Team (MacPherson Institute & Equity and Inclusion Office) and Zine Contributors

MSU Maccess’s 1st Annual Disability Pride Week at McMaster

Maccess is a peer support, community building, and advocacy organization run both by and for students that fall under the umbrella of Disability Justice and experience disability, madness, mental health concerns, chronic pain, or other forms of inaccessibility and ableism. We launched our Disability Pride Week during March 22-26, 2021, deviating from MSU Maccess‘ past Disability Visibility Weeks by shifting the focus from awareness of disability to celebration, which included eleven events designed to celebrate disabled people’s unique perspectives, skills, and strengths. The events highlighted the pride we have in our community, resilience, adaptability, and creative problem-solving. Events included a space for disabled Black, Indigenous, Persons Of Colour (BIPOC) joy; an accessible movement workshop; a speaker sharing about sex, disability, and remote sexuality; a live interview with a disabled social media influencer; a workshop and Q&A about applying for the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP); a tea party to celebrate madness and neurodivergence; a meet and greet with former disabled McMaster students; an art and discussion session related to disability and queerness; and a movie screening about the beginnings of the Disability Rights Movement.

Contributors: MSU Maccess

Cover image for Disorientation: Navigating Accessibility in Teaching and Learning, A Zine by Disabled Students and Alumni at McMaster. A finger post sign is below the Zine title, with numerous directional signs pointing in different directions atop of a sign post. Sponsored by the MacPherson Institute and the Equity and Inclusion Office.
[Image text]: Dis/orientation: Navigating Accessibility in Teaching and Learning. A Zine by Disabled Students and Alumni at McMaster University. Supported by the Paul R. MacPherson Institute for Leadership, Innovation, and Excellence in Teaching and Learning and the Equity and Inclusion Office. McMaster Zine Team. (2021). Dis/orientation: Navigating Accessibility in Teaching and Learning


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