29 Student Initiatives and Advocacy

Adults with Disabilities Assisted Physical Training (ADAPT) Program at the Pulse Fitness Centre

The Adults with Disabilities   Assisted Physical Training (ADAPT) Program is a one-on-one fitness program for individuals with disabilities at the Pulse. ADAPT pairs clients with student volunteers who will assist with their workouts suited to their unique needs. The Pulse offers a variety of accessible cardio equipment dedicated to those with differing abilities to use their upper or lower body for a cardiovascular workout. The accessible equipment is adaptable to accommodate people of all abilities on the same floor, allowing folks to workout in an inclusive environment. We understand that there can be a barrier for people with disabilities to stay physically active. We aim to eliminate this by helping our clients find creative ways to overcome and adapt to these barriers in the gym while supporting them as they go through their workout routine so they can reach their goals.

Contributors: Jaclyn Chow, Jessica Vag and Lee-Anne Wilson, Pulse Fitness Centre

Photos of various athletic equipment adapted for use by diverse bodies.  

Reopening of Newly Expanded Campus Accessible Tech Space (CATS) in Mills Library

In September 2022, we celebrated the successful reopening of our newly expanded Campus Accessible Tech Space (CATS), marking a significant milestone in our commitment to accessibility. The enhanced CATS now offers double the space, accommodating up to 30 students, and features an Assistive Technology (AT) Lending library. With the addition of indoor windows providing ample natural light and the installation of an aquarium, CATS has quickly become a popular accessible study space.

Simultaneously, Library Accessibility Services (LAS) has experienced notable growth in its support for students and faculty. This year, we’ve witnessed a threefold increase in both the number of students served and the volume of transcriptions compared to the previous year, underscoring our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our community.

The Library Accessibility Services (LAS) logo, with silhouettes of different abilities in various colors.

Our commitment to fostering inclusivity extends beyond our campus borders. We actively seek partnerships and collaborations, engaging in initiatives such as our participation in the annual McMaster tour for students from W. Ross MacDonald School for the Blind and presenting at the Guelph Accessibility Conference. These engagements serve as platforms for learning from others and sharing our expertise, with the ultimate goal of advancing accessibility not only within our institution but also across broader educational landscapes.

Contributors: Nancy Waite and Paige Maylot, McMaster University Libraries / Library Accessibility Services

Aquarium that can be found in the Campus Accessibility Technology space.


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