Welcome to Therapeutic Communication for Health Care Administrators Digital Text Open Educational Resources (OER). These resources are intended for learners preparing for positions in front-line health care settings. Recognizing the diverse titles for these types of roles, we intend that the title Health Care Administrator is an umbrella term that includes all types of front-line Health Care Administrators.  This OER is intended to be used with the companion resources, Therapeutic Communications for Health Care Administrators Game Simulations to be released in Spring 2022.

Health Care Administrators are often the first point of contact for clients and their families and often are the liaison between the health care providers, and the client; thus, therapeutic communication is an essential competency. An environmental scan was sent to industry partners and colleagues in the Ontario higher education system in Spring 2020. Based on those results, it was identified that many existing resources do not address the communication skills of the health care administrator role. The digital text and companion game simulations address the gaps while also providing essential digital resources that can be used in remote, hybrid, or face-to-face delivery formats.

This digital text OER has been developed with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) elements in mind. The authors have purposefully used inclusive language such as they and them for singular pronouns in place of gendered pronouns. The cultural chapter components have been reviewed by members of the cultural communities addressed in the chapter while also recognizing that one or two reviewers do not represent entire cultures. We welcome your review and feedback and encourage you to reach out to the authors with any concerns, suggestions for modifications, and ideas for enhancements.

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Kimberlee Carter, BEd., MA

Kimberlee is a faculty member in the Business School at Conestoga College ITAL, in Kitchener Ontario and can be reached at Currently on secondment, as an Open Educational Resources (OER) projects consultant is pursuing a passion for equitable education through the creation of OER for learners. Kimberlee has spent 17 years working with learners to develop competencies to work on the front lines of health care administration and prior to becoming an educator, spent most of her career working in a variety of health care administration roles in hospitals in Ontario and British Columbia. Kimberlee will be forever grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues Marie and Connie who are learner-first focussed and share the perspective that the development of ongoing therapeutic communication skills is important for learners and by extension for communities.

Marie Rutherford, Dip., Nursing, LD, BGS.

Marie Rutherford is a faculty member in the School of Business at Georgian College CAAT, in Barrie Ontario and can be reached at Her area of focus for the past 22 years is Office Administration Health Services. Years prior to commencing her teaching career, Marie completed a diploma nursing program. After receiving her licensing, Marie spent a number of years as a nurse in a variety of health care settings before transitioning to administrative health care roles. Marie has continued her education through additional advanced degree studies. Marie is passionate about education and the opportunities provided by open educational resources (OER). This cross-collaboration has provided the opportunity to share her years of experience in diverse health care settings along with her motivation to support learners in impactful and meaningful ways.

Connie Stevens, RN.,BScN, MA. PhD (c)

Connie Stevens is a faculty member in the Pilon School of Business at Sheridan College, in Mississauga, Ontario and can be reached at Connie is the program coordinator for Office Administration and a professor in the Office Administration- Health services program. Connie is a Registered Nurse with vast experience in Sexual Health, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Forensic nursing, Communicable diseases, cardiology, neonatology, and immunization. The personal and professional cross-collaboration with Conestoga and Georgian has provided the opportunity for growth and development and the ultimate contribution to future learners. Connie enjoys sharing her experiences and is an endless storyteller (all true!).



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