Course Development Process

This video discusses core principles for developing online and blended courses, and the factors that may influence this process.

Featuring: Richard Nimijean (Carleton), Giulia Forsythe (Brock), Patrick Lyons (Carleton), Jane Holbrook (Waterloo), Laurie Harrison (Toronto).

Working With an Instructional Designer

This video describes the role of an instructional designer and how working with an instructional designer can shape the course design process.

Featuring: Kevin Cheung (Carleton), MJ D’Elia (Guelph), Maureen Connolly (Brock), Zopito A. Marini (Brock), Peter Thompson (Carleton), Patrick Lyons (Carleton), Don Boyes (Toronto).


An instructional designer can discuss teaching, help organize your plans and projects, review course outlines and assess instructional methods, identify and resolve accessibility barriers, brainstorm and offer new ideas for development, co-develop assessments and course resources, debrief courses, set goals and facilitate self-assessment, provide training and support for various teaching tools, present in class and facilitate workshops. Instructional designers are here to support you and our teaching and can help you analyze, design, develop, and evaluate your course experience.
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