Teaching Online

Online Teaching Skills

Featuring: Peter Thompson (Carleton), Zopito A. Marini (Brock), Karen Fricker (Brock), John Logan (Toronto), Anne Trepanier (Carleton), MJ D’Elia (Guelph), Peggy Hartwick (Carleton).

Teaching Online and Teaching Face-to-Face

Featuring: Karen Fricker (University), Alison Gibbs (Toronto), Steve Joordens (Toronto), Peter Thompson (Carleton), Anne Trepanier (Carleton), Patrick Lyons (Carleton).

Competencies for online teaching

These short, self-assessments are based on Penn State University’s Faculty Competencies for Online Teaching. Use them to get a sense of where you are at with your readiness to teach online. For fun, they give you results based on downhill ski trail difficulty ratings.

Technical Competencies

Administrative Competencies

Pedagogical Competencies


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