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Welcome to Procurement in the Supply Chain World. A supply chain is a process of making and selling goods and services, including all stages from the supply of material and production of goods and services to their distribution and sale. Procurement is one function within a supply chain. This book focuses on the procurement functions and processes within a supply chain. This book is intended for college and university students learning about purchasing, sourcing, procurement, buying, supply management, and other similar topics.

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Procurement in the Supply Chain World contains content that has been adapted from several other OERs, which are licensed under Creative Commons licenses. We have licensed this OER under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. While this OER was curated and created for Supply Chain students in college and university, our hope is that you will take this OER and customize it for your program and share it again.

This book takes you through the procurement process and discusses the unique challenges to procurement such as strategic choices, building and managing the supply base, outsourcing, globalization, ethics, and technology

This OER contains interactive content. Each chapter begins with an interactive pre-assessment and concludes with an interactive post-assessment. The interactive reinforcement activities require you to click, drag and drop and test yourself.

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About the Authors

Angela Reid-Regier, B. Eng, MBA, B.Ed. is a professor at Fanshawe College where she teaches and coordinates the Supply Chain programs. Prior to teaching at Fanshawe College, she worked for the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, General Motors, and General Dynamics in the areas of engineering, product support, supply chain, project management, and contract management. Angela was invited to participate in the collaboration of a Procurement OER with Conestoga College.  She jumped at the opportunity to be able to provide students with a free textbook. Angela thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Bryan Snage from Conestoga College. She enjoyed getting to know Bryan and learning about Conestoga College and its Supply Chain programs.  Angela found dividing and sharing the daunting task of creating an OER manageable, fun, educational and worthwhile by sharing it with Bryan.

Bryan A. Snage, MBA, LSSBB is a professor and program coordinator of the Supply Chain Management – Global program at Conestoga College. Prior to entering higher education full time, Bryan Snage had over 20 years’ experience supporting a variety of organizations in consulting, banking/insurance, automotive, life science/pharmaceutical assisting organizations expand their reach, define and execute strategic plans, enhance operational performance and achieve efficiency in supply chain management. Bryan has his executive MBA from Queen’s University, is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and a Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) simulation certified SAP instructor. Bryan was presented with the opportunity to collaborate with Angela Reid-Regier at Fanshawe College in the creation of a Open Educational Resource (OER) Procurement eText. Bryan enjoyed working with Angela in the sharing of ideas, collaboration with colleagues, and the pedagogy of learning.


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