12.4 Key Terms

Key Terms

Blogs: Websites with content that is updated regularly. 12.1

Cause-Related Marketing: One of the fastest-growing types of sponsorships which occurs when a company supports a nonprofit organization in some way. 12.1

Crisis Communication: The process of countering the extreme negative effects a company gets when it receives bad publicity. 12.1

Press Release: A news story written by an organization to promote a product, organization, or person. 12.1

Product Placement: Getting a company’s product included as part of a television show, movie, video game, special event, or book. 12.1

Social Commerce Zone: Part of e-commerce where people buy and sell products on the Internet. 12.2

Social Communities: Channels that focus on activities and relationships and include social networking sites (online hosts such as Facebook and LinkedIn), forums, wikis, and message boards, channels where you may already participate. 12.2

Social Entertainment Zone: Opportunities for games and entertainment. 12.2

Social Publishing: Distribute information to different audiences and includes channels such as blogs (websites with content that is updated regularly) and media sharing sites with searchable content featuring videos (YouTube), photos (Flickr), and music (iTunes). 12.2

Sponsorship: Involves paying a fee to have your name associated with different things. 12.1


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