1 Creating a Digital Artifact

If you’ve been assigned a project that uses our Pressbook template… welcome aboard.


A brief introduction to the Digital Artifact assignment

We designed the templates to allow students to work together, as a group, to design a page to be included in an ebook. MAKE A COPY of the template and share it with your group. All you need to do is fill out the template and submit it to your course website.

The ‘purple text‘ sections are instructions for how the text will be laid out in the page. You simple need to replace ALL the black text.

Important notes:

Choosing images
Please make sure you have the ‘rights’ to republish any text, image or video. Things you find on the Internet are generally copyrighted by default. It doesn’t need a little (c) next to it to be protected. You can, of course, use anything you yourself have created. You can also use resources that have been specifically marked for use. Look for a Creative Commons license. See the following video for more details. If you are using a creative commons image in your page, please include a link to the original image in the template.


Creating video
If you’ve decided to create a video, there are several simple approaches that you can use. The first is to use a platform like Zoom or Teams to create a group video. You can also create video in platforms like yuja.


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