1 Reframing the “problem” of teaching online

Moving your teaching to the internet is not a technology problem. That is, unless you make it one.

Becoming comfortable with teaching online is more of a conceptual challenge than it a technological one. There are things you can do face-to-face that can be super difficult online. There are other things you can do online that don’t work as well face-to-face. Concentrate on how the internet is different, and work from there.

The technology is something you will figure out with repeated use. Don’t worry about it. Just set aside enough time over successive days to use your online technology and it will come to you. If you choose to use too many platforms or try to be too fancy though, your technology could become a problem. So start thinking conceptually and keep the technology simple.


While you are working on the important conceptual work in the course, pick away at getting used to the technology. Create a schedule for yourself. Commit to going into the technology platform you’re going to use at least 10-15 minutes a day for a few weeks. The only way to get used to the technology is to practice. Ask a friend/student to come with you. Practice using it.

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