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When you have something to say that you hope can empower people, encourage inclusion, and otherwise have a positive impact, you yell it from the rooftops and in as many formats as possible. To that end, you will find the materials of this project in a number of formats — to meet you where you are and how YOU choose to consume content.

A downloadable French version of our book (in Microsoft Word format) from the date it was submitted, March 2022 is available:

Our videos have
– English captions
Sous-titres français
– American Sign Language (ASL)
– Langue des signes du Québec (LSQ)

We have produced a number of videos centred around the 4 module topics. Below you will find a breakdown of those videos and their content. All project videos (and their alternative formats) can be accessed and downloaded from: University of Windsor Yuja server.

The Yuja video player will allow users to choose captions, interact with transcripts, download transcripts, download the original video, and change the speed.


The partners on the project spoke with our families about education, about humanizing education, and about what the perfect educational context would be. These are the people we love and the topic we feel passionate about. How much more humanizing can you get?


Module 1 Trailer

Module 2 Trailer

MODULE PLENARY VIDEOS plus creating Brave Space:

Brave Space

Getting Air with Terry Greene: OnHumanLearn podcast

Zotero library that is open (just join!) and has links to more materials for any and all topics discussed here. Please join and add to the collection:

#ONHumanLearn is our project hashtag. You will find lots of voices engaging with topics around humanizing learning if you type it into Twitter:

Laura Killam, a prolific blogger posted reflections each week of the co-design sessions:

University of Windsor created a blog for the fellows who participated in the co-design sessions from that institution:

Trent University created a blog for the fellows who participated in the co-design sessions from that institution:

Stephen Hurley voicEd Radio: Hurley in the Morning podcast with team members Terry Greene and Jess Mitchell:

Because of the formidable project team we assembled, this project benefited from and can be seen as continuing the great work of two other projects, namely:
Liberated Learner
(ENTER LINK to UT-M project) not yet available
Both of these projects showcased and led from learner perspectives, exploring the most human of stories.



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