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Cover image: “Candy Rainbow” flickr photo by terren in Virginia, shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license


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Giulia Forsythe
Harsh Bhavsar
Heather Carroll
Jess Mitchell
Jaime Hilditch
Jutta Treviranus
Kristen Mommertz
Nick Baker
Pat Maher
Dave Cormier
Terry Greene
Jennifer Curry Jahnke
Fiona Rawle
Bonnie Stewart
Trevor Winchester
Arjun Sawhney
and with much love and gratitude:
Jennifer’s daughters, Olivia and Gillian
Jess’s wife Lara and their son Jonah
Pat and his son Fraser
Jaime’s brother Jack and father Tom
Terry’s kids Lucy and Alice
Giulia’s kids, Aedan and Hannah
Bonnie and Dave’s kids Wren and Josephine


Rachel Spence
Fiona Rawle
Jaime Hilditch


Giulia Forsythe
Terry Greene

Videos Produced By:

Kristen Mommertz
Kevin Woo
Devan Cruickshanks
Jennifer Curry Jahnke


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