Evaluating Resources

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this chapter you will be able to:

  1. identify key components to evaluating information,
  2. apply tools such as “CRAAP” “FACTS,” “RADAR,” and/or “SIFT” to evaluate information.


This chapter will outline some key concepts to consider when analyzing internet sources. This knowledge will help you do better research for assignments and in daily life.

The importance of evaluating sources:

Check your understanding:

Consider the source:

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Motivation & Bias:

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Check the evidence:

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FACTS is an alternative evaluation tool to CRAAP and RADAR:

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Each of the above evaluation tools have similar criteria with slightly different nuances. Choose whichever acronym you find easiest to remember!

What makes news “fake”?

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The SIFT Method:

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Conclusion: be a skeptic!

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Questions & credits:


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